Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ill-thought-out Campaigns # 7978951235

You can tell spring is just round the corner.

Fitness First have just started doing a "Get Yourself a Beach Bum" campaign.

Big splashy logo on their website.

Unfortunately, due to some clever positioning of their corporate maxim in the same advert, what the current picture says is "Get Yourself a Beach Bum. Join the World's Largest for on 69p."

I am a member of the worlds largest bum.

I feel so proud.


Si said...

Should I do some dusting here while I'm at it?

Just reading something about blogs becoming a thing of the past - has yours succumbed to the same complaint, Rob?

Rob said...

No, just haven't had much to say of late!

And I'm about to relaunch in any case. In a couple of days freshness will out!