Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Househunting Blues

As one or two of you may know, Chris and I have decided to up sticks from Highgate (Archway! Highgate!) and head to pastures new.

Our main reason is that we need vastly more space than we have at present (I so need a new bookcase), but other more pragmatic desires are a steadfast determination to not have to use the Northern Line on a daily basis, and a general feeling we'd like to be a bit more central than we are at present.

And so the flatmate has been scouring the web in search of suitable accomodation and we have, on occasion, been viewing properties... wait for it... south of the river.

God it's a tedious process.

The first problem we keep running into is the letting agents themselves. Why is it, do you feel, that they seem compelled to totally misunderstand your requirements? Even the simple stipulation "not on the Northern Line" seems to have dragged us such parts of the capital as Clapham, Kennington and Elephant and Castle.

Others have decided that what two single men in their mid-twenties / early thirties want is a flat in a luxury new developments. Our repeated protestations that, no, we don't care, an old building with large rooms is more our style is oft met with the firm assertion that "nah, mate, you want luxury" and a viewing of a glorified broom-cupboard with nice taps.

(Incidentally, my view of luxury is very simple: wooden flooring - no hoovering and easy to mop or suck the wine spills from.)

Still, one or two of the properties we've viewed have been almost there, it has to be said. But almost really isn't quite good enough. So far we've been stymied by badly placed sinks (under sloping roofs which were only really fine for dwarves), long walks from any reasonable transport links, and so on.

But for the most part the biggest problem is that one bedroom of the two simply isn't big enough for one large human male, a desk, a PC, bookshelves and a bed. How, in this modern age of extended families and housemates, the term "two double bedrooms" can be applied to such differing floor-spaces I'll never really understand.

And so the search goes on. But after six properties now I'm getting heartily sick of it.

I fully expect to still be searching in a year's time.


Bobbie said...

May I suggest a website to check for properties on www.propertyfinder.com Yes I know its my job but..well you know. Happy househunting dear :)

Rob said...

Oh yes... how could I forget!