Thursday, February 08, 2007

Extreme Weather

So here we are, proper snow at last! Not this time the light dusting of a few weeks ago, this is serious snowage. Diagonal sheets of the stuff are flurrying their way around outside my office even now and as I left the house this morning there was - aside from a dark streak of tarmac - white as far as the eye could see.

It's lovely.

Needless to say I grabbed my camera on the way out of doors.

Yesterday, when the Extreme Weather warning became definite, I noticed that Transport for London were happily assuring us that they were prepared for the weather. Being of a decidedly cynical bent I naturally wondered whether this meant that they were ready to turn off all the power at the first sign of snow and had printed lots of apologetic signs.

Doesn't seem to have been far from the truth to be honest. If crowded buses, shutdown tubes and widespread surprise were part of the contingency plan I must say it's been executed perfectly.


Emma said...

What extreme weather? I'm back in Southampton after a weekend in London at a convention and it's positively balmy down here.

A touch of rain this morning, but once again the snow gives the coast a wide birth....bah humbug. I was quite looking forward to have an excuse for acting like a 10 year old....for a change.

Si said...

I "worked from home" and made the biggest snowman in our entire neighbourhood. My kids were impressed, too...

Rob said...

Well, to be honest Emma it wasn't that extreme. But it seemed to be treated as such by all and sundry so hey.

I ended up coming home since there was a powercut in our office! Amazingly good fortune that.

Si said...

When I lived in London it was fun walking to work. Now I'n the shires it takes so long just to get here that I'd only really have done a coupla hours productive work once I got in and before I had to set out again.