Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oooh! Snow!

I wasn't expecting that, for some reason. But this morning there seems to be whiteness everywhere and it looks quite, quite lovely.

Out the back, obviously.

Out the front it looks like shit because people have been walking and driving in it, but out the back it looks quite idyllic.

[Goes into a reverie...]


Si said...

Morning. Woke up to a blanket of snow, only to find that the train companies were running normally, the underground was running as normally as normal (ie. generally not too shit) and short of a minor skid between driveway and road, my journey to the station was normal.

Sometimes you wish it was the wrong kind of snow. Working from home just seems so attractive today.

Bobbie said...

Oh bless..I woke up and it was beautiful out the front & the back. Unfortunatly I walk to work. I think I need to move a bit further away from work. I dont have any excuse as I dont use the trains or public transport.

Rob said...

One or two of my colleagues have found themselves suffering from the wrong kind of snow on their routes.

And one has managed to break his foot on the way to work.

So not totally uneventful for all, it seems.

Has to be said, though, didn't make the blindest bit of difference to me either.

Emma said...

The only problem I encountered today was the decision between writing the 3,000 word essay which is due in tomorrow or building a snowman....ahh, it's tough being a student!

CyberPete said...

We've had snow since Saturday and I've grown to really hate it. It's fine in the woods and backyards but it's not fine at all to battle it to get to work on time and busses being 20 minutes late.


EmmaK said...

Yeah, used to live in London and it was always quite exciting when it snowed because it had melted to grey piss in a day or too. Now that I live in the US, snow is invariably five feet tall and simply an incredible inconvenience.